Hi guys, It has been long since I posted something informative. I have often seen makeup artists and others posting pictures of their makeup and calling the eye makeup ‘Smokey’, without even realizing what Smokey makeup is.

Let me explain what exactly is a ‘Smokey eye makeup”. When eye makeup is done in such a say that everything from eyeliner to kohl to eye shadow is blended in such a way that it looks hazy/foggy, without any sharp definition…. Imagine a black smoke (or any colour) coming out of a chimney and going straight to your eyes…would it make defined lines or would it look hazy and soft ? that’s Smokey eye makeup for you darlings. Smokey eyes can be achieved with any colour and the most popular these days is brown or blue. The trend did start with black ruling the market but it has now spread to all colours.

The picture below clearly shows the difference between normal eye makeup and smokey eye makeup. Left- normal, Right- Smokey.

On the other hand, When u apply eye shadow and a very defined liner, kohl and any other sharp lines… It’s NOT smokey makeup. Just because you have applied dark eye shadow n blended in the crease, it cannot be called SMOKEY eye makeup. Blending is extremely important in all kinds of makeup but when sharpness is added to enhance the shape of the eyes, it cannot be called Smokey eye makeup.

Please read and forward to all those beautiful ladies who would like to know about eye makeup.

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