In the past few years, I have got many clients who come and tell me “we don’t want heavy party makeup, we just want simple makeup!” Well, let me explain what a party makeup means from a Makeup Artist’s point of view.

A party makeup is any amount of makeup done on a client who is going for a celebration of some kind. It could be your friend’s wedding or your child’s birthday party or a bachelorette party etc. To me, there is no SIMPLE or HEAVY party makeup. It is just a makeup for an occasion where you are a part of the celebration and not the centre of attraction. So, the makeup has to be done according to what occasion it is and your role in it. My job as a Makeup Artist is to make you look attractive and the best version of YOU. Simple or heavy makeup is secondary. For any makeup, my first concern is to know the personality and comfort level of the client because what may be simple to some, may be heavy for others. Party Makeup is tricky because judging a client’s expectation in such a situation is difficult. I have dealt with clients who show me super glamorous makeup and say “we want this kind of LIGHT makeup”, without realising that the model’s eyes are pitch dark with a lot of contouring on the face.

When you hire a makeup artist to get dressed for a party, be clear about the following things:

1. What outfit are you going to wear?
2. What kind of gathering is it? A family function, a cocktail party with friends, farewell party etc.
3. Are the reference pictures that you are sharing with the artist relevant to your occasion?
4. To what extent do you want the artist to copy the look from the reference pictures? Is there scope for change?
5. What is your role in this party? a casual attendee or one of the hosts?
6. The jewellery that you want to wear.

Discuss all these questions with your makeup artist at length and understand each other’s perspective so that on the D-day your makeup is exactly what you expected and that you are looking just how you wanted to.

here are a few of the Party makeups that I have done. The can give you a fair idea of the versatility and creativity that goes into a party makeup.

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