Introduction to Skin Care

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Lets discuss from where we left off my last post, which was to bust certain myths about skin care. So, lets see what the big deal about skin care is.

Traditionally, a good skin care regime meant a step wise procedure of Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing (CTM) your skin at the end of the day. However, these days our skin needs a little more than the traditional CTM because of excess stress (internal and external). To counter the effects of stress, age, pollution etc on the skin we introduce a new step into CTM and make it CTTM i.e.

Cleaning, Toning, Treatment and then Moisturizing. Let us discuss each step.

images-21. Cleansing- it means to remove makeup, dirt, oil, pollution etc from the skin. Cleansing products come in different forms for all skin types. A cleansing face wash can be useful for oily and oily combination skins and a cleansing milk can be used by people with dry and dry combination skins. I advise against using any kind of soap bars on the face as soaps are the way to harsh for the face except moisturizing soaps and glycerine based ones.

2. Toning- as the name suggests toning is done to refine the pores and to tighten them. After you cleanse your face nicely, the pores of the skin open and need to be tightened to give the skin a youthful and flawless appearance. A toner should be dabbed on the skin with a damp cotton.

3. Treatment- this new step has been recently introduced by skin care product manufacturers  and experts because our skin needs personal care to tackle our individual skin problems that only moisturizing cannot give. Treatment means the use of serums to tackle skin issues like dark circles, pigmentation, acne, uneven skin tone etc. Based on your skin type and problem you must INVEST in a good serum and apply it just after toning. A serum is a concentrate and therefore more effective in treating the problem.

4. Moisturizing- After applying a serum we must apply a skin specific moisturizer. Lotions meant for oily skin types will be much lighter in texture as compared to the ones meant for drier skins. Make sure you buy a day cream with SPF and a separate night cream as well.

So don’t wait for too long and get started on your skin care ASAP because nothing look more beautiful than fresh, dewy, flawless skin.. 🙂


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