FAQs on Bridal Makeup – Questions from BRIDES-TO-BE

As a Bride, Should I follow a specific beauty routine before my wedding?
Yes, ideally you should… Please download our Free Bridal Checklist.
Do you provide guidance on Outfit, Jewellery, shopping etc?
Yes, Tanvi puts a lot of effort and time in discussing all these aspects and guides them on her trousseau and styling.
Do you provide or arrange Pre Bridal services?
Sorry, We do not provide Pre Bridal services like manicure, pedicure, facials etc.
Do you have a particular style of Makeup?
Each Bride is unique and therefore deserves Makeup that reflects her personality and her comfort level. As a Makeup Artist Tanvi is versatile and can create innumerable looks. She creates flawless bridal looks that are bespoke. Her makeup style is mostly Natural with maximum focus on healthy looking skin. She loves creating different eye makeup looks. Brides can schedule an appointment with her to discuss their makeup and outfit.
Is there any difference in High Definition makeup and Airbrush Makeup, if yes, how they differ?
Yes and No.
Yes, because High definition makeup is done by using High Definition cosmetics. HD cosmetics are different from non HD cosmetics in their texture, finish and formulation. HD cosmetics have become a prerequisite for makeup because the cameras & lenses used for filming and photography are high definition and therefore HD cosmetics gives the right amount of coverage and natural look that looks appropriate on camera. The application and technique of using HD products is different from using non-HD cosmetics and therefore, proper training is required to use them.

No, because All HD makeup is not Airbrush. Airbrush is a tool used for applying makeup that gives a flawless finish. Airbrush makeup uses HD products and is a part of HD makeup. HD makeup is a much wider term than Airbrush makeup. ALL AIRBRUSH MAKEUP IS HD BUT ALL HD MAKEUP IS NOT DONE BY AIRBRUSH.
Do you travel all over India and abroad?
Yes, we do. The travel and accommodation costs will be borne by the client. However, in places that are close to Delhi, Noida and Chandigarh, we do not require accommodation.
Do you book your own accommodation or we have to do it? Is there a minimum requirement on the standard of accommodation?
We do not want to bother you with the booking, however, if it is a destination wedding, you will have to book 2 rooms for our team. We require a 3-star hotel or higher for our team.
Do you travel for small orders?
We need a minimum billing of Rs. 30000/- to travel.
What products do you use for makeup?
We work with only the best professional makeup brands like Kryolan, Mac, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, Urban Decay, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Chanel etc. All brands have a specialty so we choose the Best from the Best!
What Beauty Services shall I take before my wedding day?
We recommend one sitting of Facial cleansing, pedicure, Manicure, Body scrub and Massage, Hair oil and conditioning, Hair cut, Bleaching (optional), Threading and Waxing. However, please make sure that all hair removal procedures are done at least 3 days before the wedding day.
What preparations do you need from the bride’s side before starting the makeup?
We would appreciate if the bride has had a head bath and cleaned any trace of makeup before our arrival. Please remove the nail paint, if you would like us to apply a new shade.
What skin care routine should I follow before my wedding day?
We recommend you to clean and moisturize your face daily and to eat a healthy and well-balanced meal. Strict diets before your wedding are not a good idea as it reflects on your skin. Tanvi takes special classes on Skin and Hair care for Brides to be so that the glow comes from within.
What items do I need to bring for my bridal makeup?
You need to bring your outfit, shoes, jewelry, appropriate inner wear and flowers(optional). We take care of your hairstyle, bindi, nail paint and false eye lashes.
I love traditional white and red Bindi on the forehead, can it be done?
The traditional Bindi looks beautiful and Yes, it can be done if you inform us prior to the wedding day.
I have an all night wedding, will the makeup last for 12 hours?
Yes, our professional products are long lasting and waterproof. They have the capacity to last for 12-14 hours. It is advisable that you carry a compact powder and a lipstick, just in case you need a touch up.
I cannot come to the salon on the wedding day as my family priest does not allow me to leave the home, what to do?
Don’t worry! Tanvi KG and her expert team can come to your location and turn you into a beautiful bride without you making any commuting arrangements.
My family members would be too occupied on the day of the wedding, Do I need someone to accompany me for my makeup?
No, we advise you to come alone so that you can get away from the chaos and noise that comes with a big fat Indian wedding. We strongly believe that calm brides make the best brides.
How much time does it take for a bridal makeup?
It takes anywhere between 2-3 hours, depending on your skin type.
Bridal Makeup in India is very loud…why so?
Every makeup artist has a personal style and while some might do loud makeup, Tanvi KG specializes in natural, flawless and luminous makeup. The kind of makeup done on the bride also depends on what the bride wants. Therefore, proper communication between client and makeup artist is essential for creating a perfect look. Tanvi KG insists on trials before booking to establish a rapport with the bride to be.
Is there a price difference in Local and Outstation Makeup? If yes, then why?
Yes, there is a difference between Local and Outstation makeup mainly because when we take outstation bookings, the previous day and the following day of booking day has be kept free due to travelling.
I see beautiful photographs of bridal makeup online. What should I expect when I am getting my bridal makeup done?
All that you see on the internet is not always unedited. Most of the magazine, movie and makeup pictures that you see on the internet is edited, sometimes extensively. It is a good idea to show the artist the kind of makeup you would like to get but not to expect to look exactly what you see in pictures because every face is unique and one should simply try to look their best and not like a copy of someone else.

Tanvi KG always try to understand the client and her tastes before creating a bespoke bridal look for her. Her USP is her unique style of harmonising the Bride’s expectations and her personal style to create a flawless, sophisticated ISTYLE BRIDE.

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