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macaffeine scrub

Hello Guys,

As Promised guys here is my review of @mcaffeineofficial’s NAKED and RAW Coffee Body Scrub. I’ll give it to you in points.

  • Unpacking– The coffee scrub comes with a very cute wooden spoon (nice touch !!)
  • Quantity – With a hearty portion size of 100 grams, it would last you at least 10-12 times if not more.
  • Price – ₹449/- The price to quantity ratio is superb guys. A body scrub Under ₹50 peruse is awesome.
  • Fragrance – Well… this is where I was transported from my shower cabin to a sensual  Coffee Heaven. The fragrance is the selling point up till this moment and I’m hooked. It is as invigorating as my morning cuppa and if I ever am in a place where I don’t have access to my morning coffee, I’ll be sure to carry this with me.
  • Skin Type – The jar says that the scrub is good for Normal to Oily Skin. Well… in my 16 years as a beauty and makeup consultant, I have not come across a single person that has complained of OILY skin on the BODY. Usually, our body is either dry or normal. So I would like @mcaffeineofficial to definitely consider changing the label to ALL Skin Types.
  • Usage – The minute I took the granules into the palm of my hands I could judge that I am in for a super spa scrub session today, in a good way guys! Do bear in mind that since the granules are rough you don’t need to exert too much pressure to make them work. Scrubbing too vigorously will end up in your skin getting red for sure!
  • After use Feels – I scrubbed myself gently and thoroughly enjoyed it because it made me feel like I’m in a pool of coffee and could feel the granules doing wonders (which they did btw!) My skin felt moisturized and supple after it. The label says to use twice a week but I think once a week usage is sufficient.

Verdict- A great body scrub for ALL skin types. Very effective on minor bumps and rough patches and even knees and elbows.

Try it and let me know if you found my review genuine. Cheers!

Thank You,

Tanvi KG


love for white

Hello Girls, 

My love for white is never ending. I like to keep myself updated with the latest and upcoming trends in Fashion and Beauty. Both these industries are connected and complement each other In many ways. for instance if the color ‘Red’ is in vogue, it will filter down to even the smallest item in your wardrobe and your makeup drawer without you even realizing it !

I’m absolutely thrilled to share with you one of the forthcoming trends in international and Indian beauty & fashion industry. For someone who loves and worships the color WHITE, I am on cloud 9, because the wedding season is all about White.

White sarees increase the elegance  love for white is neverending

White will thankfully not be limited to Christian Weddings now… yayyyy ! we should see a lot of white gowns, Lehangas and Sarees with intricate embroidery. So, what does this mean for the Makeup industry ? Lets get down to it.

  1. Colors that compliment White like Peach, Gold, Emerald, Royal Blue, Rust, Maroon and Magenta will be the most popular in the makeup Aisle. 
  2. Kajal will be back but mostly in Brown or Dark tan. 
  3. Soft Peach Cheeks are here to stay and rightly so ! 
  4. You can never undermine the impact or a bold lip. However, bold lips won’t be limited to matte shades anymore… there will be oodles of Gloss everywhere… so load up on it Ladies. 
  5. Metallics, sequins, crystals  & Glitters will be huge because White has the unique ability to downplay and highlight anything and everything. You just need to know how to balance it. 

So Ladies, Shop sensibly and make sure you include at least one white outfit for your wedding function and buy the right cosmetics along with it.

God bless you all. email me at hello@tanvikgmakeup.com or Call me at 9988804567 .

If you have any queries. 


Tanvi KG

For the love of white

Eye Makeup Trends

Hello Guys,

Eye makeup is an essential part of a bride’s entire look (we all knew that!!!). It can, and it should reflect your personality. Whether it is strong black kohl lines eyes or soft smokey brown, your eye makeup tells it all!

In my 15 years of experience as a Makeup Artist, I have tried to be different with every Bride. I take the word “Artist” very seriously and want to create looks that are bespoke. I am also an intuitive and spontaneous artist. Therefore, I have the biggest Makeup Kit as compared to all makeup artists in Chandigarh and trinity (LOL!!), Simply because I don’t have a pre-planned look for a Bride. every color, every stroke comes almost spontaneously to me and I keep following my intuition to see where it leads me The final result has always been Stunning (Thank God !!)

I meet al Brides beforehand to understand their likes and requirements BUT I can’t tell them EXACTLY what colors I would use on them. I JUST CAN’T !! Thankfully all of them have been kind enough to trust me and also have been very satisfied with my work! (check my wedmegood reviews and you’ll know lol !!)

Eye Makeup Trends

Today I want to discuss EYE MAKEUP TRENDS for BRIDES in the forthcoming wedding season. There are 2 kinds of Makeup Artists…

  1. They follow trends and keep changing their style.
  2. They do what they have been doing (why fix what’s not broken kind

Needless to say, I’m the former kind.

SO !… I have been following international makeup and Beauty trends and these are my predictions for the eye makeup trends to watch ours for this season. These predictions are based upon Fashion weeks, Product Launches, Makeup Trends followed by International trendsetters and Artists, etc.

  1. Soft Smokey browns are here to say (They never left and never will !!)
  2. Peach & Coral tones are taking over the Rose Gold fetish. You will find more orange tones this year. Just like Rose Gold, it flatters mostly all complexion types.
  3. Matte eye makeup will make a comeback after all the glitters have passed on.
  4. NEON is BACK !!! it’ll be lovely to have a Bride who wishes to experiment with NEON colors on her Pre-wedding functions… (My kit is ready)
  5. High Gloss & Glass Finish in Lipsticks will rule. Matte never goes out of style though!

here are a few Products I love this season..

Eye Makeup
Charlotte Tilbury’s Walk of Shame Collection
Neon Eye Makeup
Huda Beauty’s Neon Eye Palette (available at Nykaa )
Natasha Denona’s Coral Eye Shadow Palette

Thank you!

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celebrity wedding

Hi Lovelies,

Celebrity Weddings Decoded by Tanvi KG Makeovers. This Bridal Season has been very exciting for all of us. Mostly because we have so many celebrity inspirations for the wedding ought, wedding jewelry, the overall styling of the wedding, grooms wear and whatnot. Anushka, Sonam, Deepika, Priyanka & now Isha Ambani have given us a lot of wedding goals and also a lot of confusion lol. 

While Anushka chose a very delicate and pastel look for herself, Sonam, Deepika and Priyanka went all colorful on their D day. 

I would like to share my favorite wedding looks from all 4 of these Brides and how we can incorporate some of the ideas without the quintessential Sabyasachi Lehenga and ginormous necklaces and jhumkis.

While Anushka chose a very delicate and pastel look for herself, Sonam, Deepika and Priyanka went all colorful on their D day. 

I would like to share my favorite wedding looks from all 4 of these Brides and how we can incorporate some of the ideas without the quintessential Sabyasachi Lehenga and ginormous necklaces and jhumkis.

Celebrity Wedding decoded: Mehendi and Haldi Functions

While Anushka and Priyanka weren’t the expected route of bright and colorful outfits, Deepika went for a muted pink lehengas for her Mehendi. Sonam broke the stereotype by opting for a stunning White and Gold Lehenga.

Anushka Sharma

A perfect look for Simpletons, hassle-free, functional as well as bright and cheerful. 7/10

Deepika Padukone

Too much going on with the nude pink outfit, heavy jewelry, red shawl/stole. It’s a great look if you want to sit pretty but not if you want to dance and mingle with your guests. 6/10

Ranveer & Deepika: Celebrity wedding decoded

Sonam Kapoor

Different, Elegant with a touch of chic with the amazing choli back, A great way to rock white at a wedding. Perfect for the Classes Bride. 8/10

Sonam & Anand: Celebrity wedding decoded

Priyanka Chopra

Loved the silhouette of her outfit. Fun, whimsical, great for girls who want to hit the dance floor. 9/10

Priyanka Chopra wedding

Celebrity Wedding Decoded: Wedding Day

All these breathtaking Brides taught us a whole lot when it came to their Bridal look. The common factor among all of them was Sabyasachi. It does tell us that when it comes to Indian Bridal Wear, Sabyasachi is considered the undisputed king. Except for Sonam Kapoor, all others chose Sabya for their wedding day, albeit in completely different styles.

Anushka Sharma

Anushka was seen in a gorgeous nude pink lehenga in this beautiful English wedding style decor which complimented the entire look completely. She has become somewhat of a trendsetter in Pastel Bridal Lehengas. I do feel that her “No Makeup Makeup” went a little south. This look is perfect for Brides who like pastels and prefer minimalism in makeup. 8/10

Virat & Anushka Wedding

Deepika Padukone

Deepika as expected was seen in full Bridal Glory in a lavish Indian red ensemble. She not only rocked the look but also gave us major Grand Indian wedding goals. What I loved about her was that the outfit wasn’t full of embroidery and the RED of the outfit is making her look ethereal. This look is perfect for Brides who want to go all out and look traditional on the big day. 9/10

Ranveer deepika Wedding

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam, the only one who didn’t go to the Sabyasachi store for her wedding lehenga. Lol! Sonam wore a gorgeous Anuradha Vakil Outfit which complimented her beautifully. The red lotus embroidered lehenga was a show stopper! This loos is perfect for Brides who like to blend traditional and modern together. 9/10

Sonam Kapoor wedding

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka, Honestly I think she looked better in her Christian wedding. She is normally a very fashion-forward personality but somehow her wedding outfit didn’t bring out the best in her. The all-red Sabyasachi lehenga was stunning but probably we expected something more from her. Her style was neither here nor there. 6/10

Nick & Priyanka wedding

Celebrity Wedding Decoded: Reception/ Post Wedding Party

While most of these celebrities had 1 post-wedding function, Deepika and Ranveer had countless.. one for every Indian state probably lol!

Virat & Anushka

Anushka and Virat hosted 2 reception parties. In one of the functions, she chose a traditional red saree and jewelry that looked identical to Sabyasachi’s Instagram posts with nothing different or talk worthy. In the Second Reception, she wore a Grey/beige lehenga (again from Sabyasachi) and looked refreshingly different because of the color choice. 7/10

Virat & Anushka wedding decoded
Anushka & Virat wedding Reception

Ranveer & Deepika

Deepika and Ranveer have many parties post their wedding but the one that stood out for me was the one in which she wore a red evening gown with a long Slit, she later took off her heels and tulle skirt and turned her ultra-glam outfit into a mai dress with white sneakers. That to me was the super collect reception outfit. Her other look: like the Gold Saree with statement jewelry suited her well and she carried the saree with a lot of grace.

Her white Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla reception outfit with never-ending long earrings was a big downer. She looked drab and boring. The Other reception in which she wore ANOTHER Sabyasachi Freda Kahlo Lehenga was extremely surprising to me because that Lehenga has been seen by the world like 3 months back so why would a huge superstar wear something that has been done and dusted in the fashion world? I must applaud Ranveer for the super chic outfit on that reception though. 6/10

Celebrity wedding reception
Deepika Ranveer Reception
Deepika Ranveer's wedding decoded

Anand & Sonam

Sonam chose a subtle and modern Anamika Khanna for her reception look which was in sync with her experimental personality but I feel she could have done better. The outfit was stunning but not at par with her status of India’s only Fashion Icon. 7/10

Anand & Sonam's wedding decoded

Nick & Priyanka

Priyanka wore a stunning white lehenga by Falguni and Shane Peacock for her reception in Delhi and looked every bit as classy as she should. I loved how she paired the Gajra with her outfit and lent it a beautiful Indian look. Totally dug the look! 9/10

Nick & Priyanka wedding decoded

So girls here is a breakdown of ALL the wedding looks that we loved and hated this season. My suggestion would be to chose your look according to your style, personality and comfort level, just like these stunning women did. Take inspiration for sure but do not forget yourself in this process. 
God bless you! Looking forward to creating some more fabulous IStyle Brides this season.

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tanvi kg blogs

Hi gals, a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you!

This season has seen wayyyyy too much Wining lol. By that I mean the color Wine is visible everywhere from clothes, makeup to accessories, home furnishings and everywhere else possible.

Brides have adorned color Wine and Maroon for their wedding occasions and this beautiful color is now not limited to Mature ladies only (well, that’s what the perception was!). The awesome thing about this color is the versatility. It can either be the statement color or very easily be made the base color. Second awesome thing about it ? It looks absolutely gorgeous on Indian Skin. I love how sophisticated and feminine it is.

Lets discuss how we can incorporate this amazing color in our Makeup. Here is a comprehensive list of your guide to all the WINE makeup that one can find.

Color Wine as a lip liner

As a lip liner (a no brainer) Thankfully we have variety of textures to choose from. You have the mattes, the glosses and the scrumptious satin finish.

    • MAC- Diva
    • L’Oreal- Plum Mannequin (the shade you see on Deepika Padukone’s L’oreal ad)
    • Bobbi Brown
    • Dior addict lipstick in Dark Mauve Plum
    • Bobbi Brown- Bordeoux Red, deep rich red, deep red berry

As an Eye Shadow

As an Eye Shadow, Wine ombre eye shadow done right is every girl’s makeup fantasy for sure. Let me share my more favourite palettes for achieving a beautiful wine and berry eye makeup look.

  • Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette
  • Huda Beauty Obsessions Eye shadow in Mauve
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette
  • Smashbox- Ablaze eye palette
  • Natasha Denona- Star Eye shadow Palette

As an Eye Pencil

As an Eye Pencil just use it in place of a back eye liner to give to a softer look to the eyes or use it on top of the black eyeliner to add an extra dimension.

  • Urban Decay- Alkaline
  • Makeup Forever- Aqua XL M80 pencil
  • Clinique- Intense Plum
  • MAC- Longwear eye liner pencil in Strong willed

PS- there are many more brands and colours but these are the ones that I have used and am confident about.

Cheers! Hope this helps


skin tint (1)

Hello all, Skin Tint by Just Herbs is an amazing product and highly recommended by me. It is one of the best Skin Care product, especially for the Indian skin.

It’s been while since I posted a product review and the reason is that I usually like to use the products for a while before I tell you all about them.

Just Herbs Skin Tink Beauty ProductI was recently invited to the Grand Opening of the flagship store of JUST HERBS in Sector 9 Chandigarh. Since I like to be informed of the new products in the market I was more than delighted to go.

Besides amazing skin care products, the one thing that really caught my attention was the Skin Tint Broad Spectrum Sunscreen. I was immediately attracted to it because of its a sunscreen + medium coverage foundation in a universally flattering shade. I decided to give it a try.

Here is what I noticed after using the product regularly for 10 days.

  1. It’s a medium coverage foundation and works perfectly for all seasons. The tint isn’t too overpowering and yet gives me a beautiful even complexion.
  2. The white/gray look to get after applying sunscreen isn’t there at all.
  3. It has a light texture which makes it great for all skin types.
  4. I love the GLOW it gives me after applying it. Sometimes I just applied this with Kajal and lip tint and felt super fresh.
  5. It is very decently priced and I don’t have to think twice before buying refills.
  6. The entire family can use it because one shade fits all.
  7. This product is a MUST TRY for everyone and the best part is that you don’t have to worry about the availability because it is MADE IN INDIA.

I love it!
Hope u found the review helpful.

Thank you ! Cheers!
Tanvi KG

skin care for bridal

Hello Ladies, here are some skin care tips for bridal makeup in Indian Summer and Autumn season.

Sorry for being out of touch lately. Today I want to talk about SUMMER BRIDES and shed some light on the makeup and skin care for summer and autumn brides. In India, the summer season spans from April till September and the To Be Brides should keep the following things in mind.

When it comes to summer brides, the first that comes to my mind is Clean Dewy skin, with softly blushes cheeks, nude shimmery eyeshadow and lots of mascara. Luscious lips in soft colour and a hint of glitter on the eyes. This would be my perfect SUMMER BRIDE.


Indian Bridal Makeup Skin Care Tips in Summer
The Bridal makeup look that I love giving to all the girls usually involves a lot or all of these points and the most important point out of all these would be FRESH DEWY SKIN. This is a mantra that I don’t ever compromise on. Here are a few pointers for everyone who would like to achieve this look.


1. Hydrate your body with water and water rich foods like watermelon, cucumber, melon, mushrooms etc.
2. Follow a daily skin care routine of Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing.
3. Wear a sunscreen without fail. SPF 50 should be appropriate for Indian weather.
4. Wear light coverage foundation unless you have slightly problematic skin issues like pigmentation, acne etc.

Bridal Makeup during Indian Summer and Autumn5. Matte lipsticks look amazing but only on soft, supple lips. Use a baby toothbrush and scrub over the lips once a fortnight.


1. Use long stay cosmetics in extreme sunlight. They tend to look patchy.
2. Over scrub your skin as it tends to become red and flaky.
3. Consume more than 1 cup of coffee per day.
4. Use very bright eye shadows during the daytime.
5. Use glitter without a fixing medium as glitter tends to fall over the cheeks.
For Bridal Bookings, Kindly take an appointment at 9988804567 or email at istylemakeovers@gmail.com

Have a good day 🙂

skin care tips

Attaining good skin before the wedding is every Bride’s dream. Here are some beauty tips on how to get glowing skin before the wedding.

Avoid Over Cleansing your face- We all want to look flawless and to do so we sometimes tend to cleanse and exfoliate our face more often than necessary. So how do you know if you’re Over-cleansing?

Tips for Glowing Skin before Wedding Day
Tips for Glowing Skin before the Wedding

The uppermost layer of our skin (Epidermis) changes every 28 days. When we scrub our face using face scrubs, face buffs or sponges more than twice a week, we cause disturbance to our skin and peel off the uppermost layer prematurely. This leads to our skin becoming more sensitive to the sun, products, and pollutants. The skin looks red, inflamed and patchy. We scrub it again, thinking that it is dead skin. Actually, the skin needs time to heal and should be treated gently.

  • Use Aloe Vera gel or Calamine lotion to repair the skin.
  • Gentler scrubs should be used that have softer grains and avoid using too much pressure on the skin while exfoliating because exfoliaters already have grains in them that do the job.
  • Use ONLY your finger tips to massage the product on the face and not the palm.

Using a facial exfoliator once a week is enough to remove dead skin cells. Always use a Sunscreen when going out in the Sun and especially on the day that you have used a face scrub. Over Scrubbing on Acne can lead to more redness on the skin and should be avoided.

Product recommendation: L’Occitane Angelica face Scrub

Loccitane Angelica Cleanser Scrub
L’Occitane Angelica Cleanser face Scrub

Tanvi KG

KIEHL's  Smoothing Oil

KIEHL’s  Smoothing Oil – infused leave-in concentrate is a fine product for the hair and is highly recommended.

Must say- it was LOVE at first use. I like using Leave-in conditioners. I have frizzy hair and they defy gravity for at least a day after I shampoo, which makes me look like a frizz monster. For the longest time, I had been searching for a good leave-in conditioner that helps my hair settle down but doesn’t Weigh them down. Also because in winters the hot water runs out and when I have the conditioner to my hair, it feels cold (lol).


KIEHL'S Smoothing Oil infused leave in concetrate
KIEHL’s Smoothing Oil-Infused Leave-in Concentrate

The ends of my hair are dry and I needed a serum or conditioner that would add some density to it to look sleeker. Thankfully, my search is over. I found this amazing product on one of my visits to the Kiehl’s store in Elante Mall, Chandigarh.

This Argan oil-based leave-in conditioner did the following amazing things to my hair.

  • made it shine and sparkle!
  • made it Baby soft and for the first time my daughter touched my hair and said: “aapka Baal ache hai.” (this compliment means more to me than someone telling me “aapka makeup achha hai.” because I KINDA KNOW IT ALREADY! Haha !)
  • The ends look heavier and so does the scalp. I applied the product from to half the length of my hair to a tip and a teensy bit on the top.
  • The hair looks and feels Bouncy so I have been dangling them from left to right all day 🙂
  • Hair looks wavy instead of frizzy.

Pro Tip- Applying on wet hair will give you a better result as compared to applying on dry hair.

Thank You

Tanvi KG

Skin care blog

Tanvi KG has an experience of 15 years as a Makeup artist. She has started providing Makeup Classes to share her knowledge and experience with aspiring makeup artists of the city.

Makeup is not a tool to make an ugly thing beautiful. It is meant only to magnify the beauty that already exists. Tanvi KG’s makeup Classes provide a lady with the confidence of applying Makeup and feeling confident. The makeup classes are extremely personalized. Therefore the information given to each student benefits her immensely.

The aim is to first understand her client’s style, her lifestyle, her comfort zone, etc. Then provide valuable information to her, keeping in mind all these factors. A generalized makeup class never benefits any woman. Makeup, like clothes, is an extremely individual choice. Therefore the information given by Tanvi KG during the sessions is extremely personalized to suit the need of the client.

The makeup classes usually cover topics like Skin & Haircare, the theory, demonstration of 2 styles of Makeup, a personal shopping consultancy, practice sessions to enhance the skills acquired. Additionally, sessions on Selfie Makeup, Contouring & Highlighting, Smokey Makeup, and other trends are also included on demand. During the classes, students gain valuable insight into what colors suit them, what style suits them. Tanvi KG also gives interesting tips and tricks during the session.

The USP of these makeup classes lies in understanding the comfort zone of the client. After that recommending ONLY what the client needs and would utilize. She also emphasizes greatly on the need for hygiene and the technique of applying makeup. Tanvi KG offers the Makeup classes to people of all age groups.

Tips for Makeup

Tanvi KG Makeovers is a professional Makeup artist with expertise in Bridal Makeup, Airbrush Bridal Makeup, Editorial Makeup, etc. She has an experience of over 15 years in this field. Tanvi KG shares some important makeup tips for her readers. These makeup tips can be very beneficial for the readers because she is also an expert in skin care. Make sure to follow these Makeup Tips. To learn more about makeup, the readers can contact Tanvi and also join her makeup Classes.

1. DO NOT overdo the Highlighter. Highlighter is supposed to be applied on the area of the face where the light falls naturally, like the center of the forehead, the cupid’s bow, the area under your eyebrow, the top of the nose and the top of the cheekbones.

2. Use a smudge proof kajal/eye pencil – to make your kajal smudge proof, use an eye primer first or use a gel liner that is smudge proof.

3. Eyebrows are important- no matter how sharp your eyebrows are, make sure you apply a thin coat of eyebrow gel or powder to make them sharper. Avoid using traditional eyebrow pencils as the strokes are visible and it looks awkward.

4. Matte Lipsticks are still going strong. apply a lip primer or a lip balm before starting your makeup and apply the lipstick at last. this will make the lips appear supple and hydrated.

5. Keep your body hydrated- dehydration causes acne, dullness, dry patches, itchiness and redness on the skin. Drink 10-12 glasses of water and see the difference in just a week

6. Blush away- a well-blended blusher can add a healthy glow to any face. Dab a touch of blusher on the apples of your cheek and blend away towards the temples.

Thank you for reading

Tanvi KG



High definition makeup came into existence because of the increasing demands of film and television makeup. With increasing clarity of the screens and high resolution cameras it was becoming difficult to make the skin look natural, healthy and youthful. Many professional makeup companies have now come up with products that are suited for such demanding fields. High Definition makeup is essentially the makeup done with the use of High Definition products. However, that is not the only aspect of HD makeup. HD makeup is also a technique of applying makeup. Just my using HD cosmetics one can’t call themselves HD makeup artist. Using the right product in terms of quantity and shade is extremely important because HD cameras are extremely unforgiving.

What differentiates HD makeup products from other non HD makeup products is the use of certain ingredients like Silicon. Silicon is an important ingredient in HD makeup because if has the ability to fill in the lines and pores without making it look very caked. HD makeup products are very colour true and even a little product goes a long way. HD powders are very fine in texture and help in achieving smooth skin and matte effect which is essential for film and TV. The eye shadows and pigments for eye makeup also come in HD or non HD. The HD pigments and shadows are usually very fine as compared to the non HD eye shadows. This makes them great to blend and give artistic effects with. Airbrush is one of the techniques of HD makeup.

HD products have filtered down from Professional film and TV makeup to almost all retail stores. I would recommend HD makeup to people who are familiar with makeup and use it regularly because HD usually tends to set fast on the skin, leaving little scope for blending and correction. Therefore, it is essential to have proper knowledge about each product that one uses.

To sum it up, High definition makeup required both, HD products and the right technique.

Hope my article gave you some useful information. If YES then please share with your friends.


Tanvi KG

In the past few years, I have got many clients who come and tell me “we don’t want heavy party makeup, we just want simple makeup!” Well, let me explain what a party makeup means from a Makeup Artist’s point of view.

Party Makeup In Brief

A party makeup is any amount of makeup done on a client. The client who is going for a celebration of some kind like it could be your friend’s wedding or your child’s birthday party or a bachelor party etc. There is no SIMPLE or HEAVY party makeup. It is just a makeup for an occasion where you are a part of the celebration and not the center of attraction. So, the makeup has to be done according to what occasion it is. What’s your role in it but my job as a Makeup Artist is to make you look attractive and the best version of YOU. Simple or heavy makeup is secondary.

For any makeup, the first concern is to know the personality and comfort level of the client because what may be simple to some, may be heavy for others. Party Makeup is tricky because judging a client’s expectation in such a situation is difficult. There are people who show super glamorous makeup and say “we want this kind of LIGHT makeup”, without realizing that the model’s eyes are pitch dark with a lot of contouring on the face.

Take Care about the Following

When you hire a makeup artist to get dressed for a party, be clear about the following things:

1. What outfit are you going to wear?
2. What kind of gathering is it? A family function, a cocktail party with friends, farewell party etc.
3. Are the reference pictures that you are sharing with the artist relevant to your occasion?
4. To what extent do you want the artist to copy the look from the reference pictures? Is there scope for change?
5. What is your role in this party? Whether you are a casual attendee or one of the hosts?
6. The jewelry that you want to wear.

Discuss all these questions with your makeup artist at length. Try and understand each other’s perspective so that on the D-day your makeup is exactly what you expected and that you are looking just how you wanted to.

Here are a few Party Makeovers which can give you a fair idea of the versatility and creativity that goes into a party makeup.

Airbrush Makeup

Hi Ladies,

I have been doing Airbrush for almost 9 years now so it’s safe to say that I know a decent amount about it, haha! A lot of Brides ask me about Airbrush Makeup, the do’s and the don’ts and the why & why not’ so here is a quick little info session on Bridal Airbrush Makeup.

Dulhan Makeup Chandigarh
Bridal Airbrush Makeup by Tanvi KG

To understand Airbrush Makeup one has to first grasp what HD  makeup is. So, What is HD Makeup? High Definition Makeup gained popularity mainly because of better cameras, better lenses and HD picture quality gained importance in the fashion world. HD makeup is nothing but makeup done with the help of HD MAKEUP PRODUCTS. HD products are finer texture cosmetics that give you the right coverage because of their fine particles but do not add a dense layer on the skin and make it look pasty.

HD products are sometimes silicone-based, which makes them give the face a smoother look. They are more expensive than other makeup products but worth the investment. Nowadays most of the good makeup brands like MAC, NARS, Bobbi Brown, Cover FX, Smashbox, Stilla, Chanel, Dior, etc make HD makeup only.

SO what’s Airbrush Makeup then? Airbrush makeup is ONE of the ways of applying HIGH DEFINITION makeup or HD Makeup. The main difference is in the way of application. It is done with the help of an airbrush gun. It is fast, hygienic and gives flawless results if done correctly. This trend in makeup is becoming increasingly popular these days because of the finish that it provides. The products used in this makeup are specifically designed for the airbrush gun.

Airbrush Makeup by Tanvi KG
Airbrush Makeup by Tanvi KG

Like any other skill, operating an airbrush comes with practice. Please beware of the makeup artists who claim to do airbrush but only spray a transparent liquid at the end of the makeup with the airbrush gun. It is a long stay makeup and should not crack up after a while. I have heard many women complain about this issue. A good makeup artist knows the proportion of foundation and thinner to be mixed for a good base. If the foundation looks patchy or the face looks cracked then most probably there was an issue with the mixing of the thinner and foundation.

Some foundations these days do not require any thinners. Choose a makeup artist who is trained properly and has been using airbrush frequently. (like someone who is writing this post, LOL)

Airbrush Makeup Tool
Airbrush Tool

With an airbrush, one can apply blusher, eye shadow, lipstick, and even eyeliner. However, to save time in cleaning the airbrush gun, most artists apply the base with it and complete the rest manually.

Myths associated with ‘Airbrush Makeup’:

  1. It suits all the skins.
    NO, airbrush looks best when the skin is free of any issues like pimples, acne marks, etc. and it works well on camouflaging pigmentation and dark circles.
  2. All products can be used.
    Only airbrush specific products are used in the makeup which is the reason why it is expensive than manual makeup.
  3. Airbrush changes the look entirely.
    NO, the makeup artist will change your look, irrespective of the tool he/she uses.
  4. Airbrush looks good only on fair skin.
    NO, it looks good on all shades of skin but the quality of the skin matters a lot in determining the end result.
  5. Airbrush can hide my pimples.
    NO, it is not blended but only sprayed on top of your skin so it might highlight your pimples even more.

Thank you for reading,

Tanvi KG.

Makeup TrendFashion and Makeup Trends are dependent on each other in many ways. Last Bridal season was full of Vintage floral lehengas in pastel colors that brought back the beauty of the 1950’s. Everything from clothes, furniture, accessories, footwear, home decor was full of floral prints and vintage patterns. Thus its rightly said that Makeup trends are ever changing.

The Makeup Trends

Makeup was no exception as Floral colors and 1950’s colors like plum, cherry, salmon, rose etc were everywhere from Mac, Bobbi Brown to Urban Decay and YSL. Maroon matte lips with simple champagne color eye shadows did the rounds in Fashion weeks.

Moving on from the last year’s trends, this year you would get to experience metallic finish in all it’s glory. Makeup techniques like Foiling (using metallic pigments to create highly saturated foil-like metallic finish) are very in and will certainly do the rounds in Bridal Makeup. The Contouring and Highlighting fever is here to stay for a while (although i personally feel that it’s lived it’s life !). Lipsticks remain matte and bold with colors like red, pink, purple (thanks to Aishwarya at Cannes) and chocolate for now. A lot of emphasis is being given to eyebrow correction and enhancement with the help of products like Eye-brow Gels and Mascara.


Please keep the following points in mind before purchasing your makeup products

1. Buy foundation strictly according to skin type  and match the foundation on your jawline and forehead and purchase the shade that best matches your skin color.
2. Invest in a good quality face illuminator or highlighter. A touch of highlighter can do wonders to a tired looking face. i personally recommend the Highlighters from Hourglass and Anastasia Beverley Hills. Benefit and too faced also make amazing highlighters. Bobbi Brown’s shimmer brick still remains my favorite. PLEASE don’t overdo it like the girls in those makeup tutorials.
3. Buy Lipstick shades in red, pink a nude shade. Textures can be matte, velvet and glossy.
4. A good blusher, 1 from orange and 1 from pink family, is all that you need.
5. An eyeliner pencil and a liquid eyeliner in black is sufficient.
6. A good quality mascara is enough to make your eyes pop for a dinner date.

Hearty Congratulations to all the Brides to be for their upcoming wedding!

Hope you found this article interesting.


Tanvi KG

Smokey EyesHi guys, It has been long since I posted something informative. I have often seen makeup artists and others posting pictures of their makeup and calling the eye makeup ‘Smokey’, without even realizing what Smokey makeup is.

‘Smokey makeup” is when eye makeup is done in such a say that everything from eyeliner to eye shadow is blended in such a way that it looks hazy/foggy, without any sharp definition. Imagine a black smoke (or any color) coming out of a chimney and going straight to your eyes. Would it make defined lines or would it look hazy and soft ? that’s Smokey makeup for you darlings. Smokey eyes can be achieved with any color and the most popular these days is brown or blue. The trend did start with black ruling the market but it has now spread to all colors.

The picture below clearly shows the difference between normal eye  and smokey eye . Left- normal, Right- Smokey.

On the other hand, when you apply eye shadow and a very defined liner, kohl and any other sharp lines, It’s NOT smokey makeup. Just because you have applied dark eye shadow n blended in the crease, it cannot be called SMOKEY makeup. Blending is extremely important in all kinds of makeup but when sharpness is added to enhance the shape of the eyes, it cannot be called Smokey makeup.

Please read and forward to all those beautiful ladies who would like to know about eye makeup.

Thank You

Tanvi KG

Makeup StyleEvery makeup artist has a makeup philosophy or a makeup style of their own that they develop over time. Some artists like bold makeup while others like to go subtle etc..

Since childhood, I have seen my mother do makeup in the most subtle and natural way while concentrating on “the glow“. So naturally, when I followed my passion for dressing people up and learned professional makeup, despite what my teachers and facilitators did, my personal style started showing in my work.

My Makeup Style

No matter what color I use or what kind of look is expected of me, these were some things I never compromise on:

A. The makeup should suit the Personality.

B. Makeup looks fabulous ONLY when you can SEE the person wearing it and not see a Mask before you see the person.

C. Never try to copy a look just because it looks good on some starlet, but develop your own style.

D. Be open to experiment and move out of your comfort zone. You never know what might look amazing.

E. Makeup does not mean applying layers of products, instead, it means bringing out the girl/lady within and making her look the best she can be.

F. Bridal makeup doesn’t always have to be Golden and Bronze eye shadow with fake Lashes and bright red lipstick. It can be anything that your bride and you decide would look best on the D-day. Have fun trying something different.

These days bridal makeup is the easiest thing to do. The hair is tied under a dupatta, half the face is covered in jewelry and most artists offer a standard color palette so the creativity is almost nil. WHERE IS THE FUN, PASSION, AND ART IN THAT?

Bridal makeup then becomes a mundane job like painting a car. You treat the client just like one more face and not THE FACE! Any true “Artist” would agree with me that the ART is lost. The Artist becomes a professional who does something for money and not for Passion!

Thank You

Tanvi KG



A lot of ladies have come up to me with a question that is, what does a primer do and do you Really need it?
Answer: A primer is mainly used to prepare the skin of makeup and to balance it. For instance, if someone has an oily skin then, primer, meant for oily skin would keep the skin surface oil free and refine the pores. A primer meant for dry skin will hydrate the skin and make it appear supple.

Primers have different purposes and one should buy the one that suits one’s needs. Primers for long stay makeup do just that. They make the makeup stay on for longer, for waging skin and give the skin a tightened look etc.

As for the answer to if you REALLY need a primer ? Well, it is completely up to you. Primers help you in balancing the skin type and provide a better surface for the makeup but it is completely upon your choice. It is like a woman asking if they REALLY need a lipstick ? It’s a person choice about how you would like to look.

Does primer make a difference ? YES…to some extent it does!

My advice will be to analyse your skin and see what needs to be corrected and then buy a primer that helps you in mitigating that problem. ALL THE BEST!

Thank You,

Tanvi KG

DiwaliHi Ladies, India’s most celebrated and awaited festival Diwali is just round the corner. The parties have started in full swing and you must be keen on knowing the latest Diwali makeup Trends in 2014. We tend to finalize our wardrobe and accessories but hardly notice the Diwali Makeup Trends and hair. Worry not. I shall help you stay up to date and trendy with your look.

diwali-114vDiwali Makeup Trends

First of, let us discuss the trend in garments and accessories. The good news in this department is that there is something for everyone! While some designers are going gaga over bright colors, others want to keep it subtle and sophisticated. One thing that is common among all of India’s best designers is that the emphasis on the silhouette.(JJ Vallaya creation below)

Keep the lines clean and wear clothes matching your body type. For the tall and slender there are beautiful kitted long kurtis with pallazos and for the petite ladies there is lovely lehengas in different styles. Sarees with velvet pallas are big this season as well (Sabyasachi creation below).

To compliment these lovely outfits one must keep in mind the makeup and hair. The makeup trend for this season is mostly very classic and elegant. Lets see how we can look absolutely gorgeous this season

Diwali Makeup Trends and Tips

Face: a good skin care regime will help you in achieving flawless skin, which never goes out of fashion. Heavy caked up look is an absolute no no. Stick to tinted moisturizers and foundations that give medium to light coverage and focus on a natural look for the face.

Cheeks: a light blush just on the apple of the cheek is sufficient to give you a healthy happy glow. Peach and strawberry pinks are still hot this season.

Eyes: If you are adventurous and like to draw attention then smoky is the way to go. keep in mind that brown smoky is much more popular this season. One can active a smoky look in any color so go ahead and try shades of purple, green or blue to look dazzling. For the sophisticates I suggest a base color or nude eye shadow with little sheen and a clean eye liner. The Mascara needs to be given more attention in this case. False lashes are hugely popular this season and go very well with most eye shapes. Just check the length and width of your eyes vis a vis the lashes before buying them. (model: Pooja, hair and makeup by Tanvi KG @ I.Style Makeovers)

Lips & Hair

Lips: the focus this season is mainly on the lips and the colors that are selling like hot cakes are maroons, reds, plums in matte finish. I’m sorry but the neon shades are passé. apply a lip balm at night to make the lips soft and apply these bold and beautiful shades. (model: Wamiqa Gabbi, hair and makeup by Tanvi KG @ I.Style Makeovers)

Hair: It is all about braids and messy buns this time around. Complicated braids are in demand and look fab on anyone. With minimum effort one can make lovely braids and accessorize with fresh flowers. The hair is mostly tied this season with soft curls around the face. People who like to part their hair from the middle are lucky because this is one trend that has seen a comeback after ages and all celebrities are going for it. Part your hair from the middle and make a neat bun and accessorize with flowers. Metal accessories are again  out of the window.

So i hope you got some helpful information. would love your feedback and other tips if you would like to share on my blog.

Have a safe, prosperous and Happy Diwali!!

much love,

Tanvi KG

FoundationHello All, as a makeup artist and trainer, this is one question that I am asked the maximum, “How to choose the right kind of foundation?” Most women I meet during my makeup workshops and other events tell me that “foundation doesn’t suit me” and what I tell them is simple. Foundation is like jeans…there is just ONE perfect fit for every body type and personality, you just have to have the patience to try different ones and find the one that is perfect for you 🙂 Women feel that foundation is like a zodiac sign…there are a few types for billions of people…Well, earlier this was certainly the case but not anymore. So how do you get to choose the right foundation? Here are a few things to consider.

Matte foundations

Skin Type- Foundations are available in many different formulas. Choose the one that is right for your skin type. The drier the formula the better it is for oily skin and the creamier it is, the better it is for dry skin. A mousse or whipped foundation is best for combination skin.

Coverage- Foundation can provide light, medium or heavy coverage depending on their texture. The lighter or watery it is the lesser the amount of coverage generally. Tinted moisturizers, for example, give you light coverage and pan-stick one mostly gives heavy coverage. Powder foundations or whipped mousse ones give you medium to heavy coverage.


Age- one should always consider their age when investing in a foundation because if you buy the wrong consistency you tend to look either washed out of too caked up. For girls in their late teens, I suggest something that has light coverage to make them appear natural. For someone in their later 20’s and 30’s, I would recommend mousse or any formulation that gives medium converge. This is actually the only age where a heavy coverage foundation can be used. For middle-aged or mature women I would recommend foundations that are again light and slightly creamy because your skin tends to get drier as your age and one should use a foundation that increases the moisture level of the skin without giving it a very heavy coverage especially around the eyes.

Profession- if you are in a profession that requires you to look fresh at all times for instance- PR executives, journalists, TV personalities you should buy a medium to heavy coverage, long-wear foundation as it will absorb excess oil on the face and make it appear matte and fresh for longer. For someone who needs to appear more natural for example- teachers, trainers, chefs, etc one can choose the one that is light and gives a natural glow on the face.

these are some of the most important factors one needs to keep in mind when choosing the right foundation. Hope it helps 🙂

have a Fab day ladies!!

Tanvi KG






Hi all,
I sincerely hope that after my last post on ‘Introduction to Skincare” some of you have started being particular about your skin. A lot of times during my classes ladies ask me the need for scrubbing. I shall tell you this in detail.

In simple language, the scrub is basically a face wash with granules of different nature mixed in. Why do we need these granules? we need them to remove the dead skin cells and any other impurities from the surface of the skin. When you massage your face for 2-3 minuted with a scrub, because of it’s grainy texture, the upper layer of the skin gets cleaned of the impurities, therefore, giving you a cleaner and smooth appearance.

Scrubbing & it’s Benefits

Like any other product, a scrub is also specific to skin type. Scrubs for pimple prone skin tend to be harsher than scrubs for people with dry skins. Scrubs meant for men are also slightly grainier than the ones meant for ladies. An important thing to keep in mind if never to apply too much pressure on the face while scrubbing as it will make the skin red and sensitive.

Over-scrubbing (more than twice a week or applying too much pressure) makes the skin appear red and makes it more sensitive to sun damage as well. Middle-aged people should avoid scrubbing more than once a week as the skin tends to get thinner as you age and over-scrubbing will make it look flushed. Using a scrub cloth or sponge with a scrub also tends to be harsh on the skin so best is to apply a scrub on your fingertips and GENTLY massage your face.

A scrub can be used maximum 3 times a week depending on your skin type and exposure. For instance, People whose work takes them outdoors can scrub thrice a week. Those who stay mainly indoors can scrub once or twice a week for the best results. Remember, you don’t get fair by scrubbing yourself frequently. Use a scrub to remove then dead skin cells and stress off the face and look fresh 🙂


Tanvi KG


Skin CareHello guys,

Through this post I would like to draw people’s attention to skin care, it’s importance and to provide accurate information about it. I would like to tackle a few myths regarding this topic.

1. Skincare is only for ladies.

You could not be farther away from the truth if you are one of those who think skincare is only meant for ladies. Men’s skin is far tougher and stronger than women’s skin but one must keep in mind that men tend to be more outdoors as compared to most of us. So in my opinion, it is more important for men to take care of their skins because of much more exposure to sun, pollution, oil, and dirt, etc

2. Skincare is time-consuming.

Actually what seems like a lengthy process in written takes just about 5 mins in practice.

3. Skincare is expensive.

Skincare products can be as expensive or as reasonable as you want them to. Yes, I will agree that some of the expensive products are much more effective than other slightly cheap ones but that doesn’t mean that the lesser-priced products have nothing to offer.

4. Skincare should be started when you start aging.

This is like saying that one should eat good food only when you start getting sick. A good skincare routine ensures that your skin is hydrated and moisturized at all times which leads to the delayed aging process. Skincare should be started as early in life as possible, the only difference would be the kind of products one uses as a kid, as an adolescent or as an adult.

5. Skincare should be followed if you want a fair complexion (typical Indian thought).

 As I have mentioned earlier, skincare routine is a step-wise process of cleaning, toning and treating your skin with moisturizers and serums that tackle all types skin problems. So, everyone must follow a skincare routine meant for their skin type. A thorough skin analysis should be done to determine your skin type and then a personalized routine is designed that will benefit your skin and tackle whatever problem you face like wrinkles, dark circles, uneven comp lesion, dullness, etc.

6. Skincare is for people who do not have good skin

Following a skincare routine even when you have good skin is like exercising even when you are fit. Your genetics has a significant role to play in the quality of your skin, however, there is no reason not to follow a skincare routine. To make your skin look and feel healthy, it needs water, nutrients, proper sleep and pollution-free environment, chemical-free food, etc. A skincare routine could be as quick or as elaborate as your skin demands.

7. I don’t need moisturizers because my skin is oily

You need an oil-free moisturizer if you have oily skin. Some moisturizers are a gel and water-based that provides hydration to the skin and they should definitely be used because they act as a barrier from the dirt and pollution in the environment and at the same time giving the necessary hydration to the skin that the sebum (oil secreted by the body) does not.

8. Using too many products harm the skin

Using the wrong products definitely harm the skin.

Skin Care for Men
Skin Care for Men

Skincare is as important for us as a good diet and exercise are for healthy living. If you spend 5-10 minutes daily in taking care of your skin, it goes a long way. Secondly, the money you end up spending on cosmetologists and dermatologists gets significantly reduced. Secondly, a regular skincare routine reduces your visits to the salon for treatments and facials. If you get a facial once in a month till you are 30, by following a skincare routine that can be reduced to once in 2 months max and that is also money saved right?

In my next post, I will be discussing a good skincare routine.

hope this information bursts a few bubbles 🙂


Tanvi KG