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My love for white is never ending. I like to keep myself updated with the latest and upcoming trends in Fashion and Beauty. Both these industries are connected and complement each other In many ways. for instance if the color ‘Red’ is in vogue, it will filter down to even the smallest item in your wardrobe and your makeup drawer without you even realizing it !

I’m absolutely thrilled to share with you one of the forthcoming trends in international and Indian beauty & fashion industry. For someone who loves and worships the color WHITE, I am on cloud 9, because the wedding season is all about White.

White sarees increase  the elegance            love for white is neverending

White will thankfully not be limited to Christian Weddings now… yayyyy ! we should see a lot of white gowns, Lehangas and Sarees with intricate embroidery. So, what does this mean for the Makeup industry ? Lets get down to it.

  1. Colors that compliment White like Peach, Gold, Emerald, Royal Blue, Rust, Maroon and Magenta will be the most popular in the makeup Aisle. 
  2. Kajal will be back but mostly in Brown or Dark tan. 
  3. Soft Peach Cheeks are here to stay and rightly so ! 
  4. You can never undermine the impact or a bold lip. However, bold lips won’t be limited to matte shades anymore… there will be oodles of Gloss everywhere… so load up on it Ladies. 
  5. Metallics, sequins, crystals  & Glitters will be huge because White has the unique ability to downplay and highlight anything and everything. You just need to know how to balance it. 

So Ladies, Shop sensibly and make sure you include at least one white outfit for your wedding function and buy the right cosmetics along with it.

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For the love of white

Hi Lovelies,

Celebrity Weddings Decoded by tanvi KG Makeovers. This Bridal Season has been very exciting for all of us. Mostly because we have so many celebrity inspirations for the wedding ought, wedding jewelry, the overall styling of the wedding, grooms wear and whatnot. Anushka, Sonam, Deepika, Priyanka & now Isha Ambani have given us a lot of wedding goals and also a lot of confusion lol. 

While Anushka chose a very delicate and pastel look for herself, Sonam, Deepika and Priyanka went all colorful on their D day. 

I would like to share my favorite wedding looks from all 4 of these Brides and how we can incorporate some of the ideas without the quintessential Sabyasachi Lehenga and ginormous necklaces and jhumkis.

While Anushka chose a very delicate and pastel look for herself, Sonam, Deepika and Priyanka went all colorful on their D day. 

I would like to share my favorite wedding looks from all 4 of these Brides and how we can incorporate some of the ideas without the quintessential Sabyasachi Lehenga and ginormous necklaces and jhumkis.

Celebrity Wedding decoded: Mehendi and Haldi Functions

While Anushka and Priyanka weren’t the expected route of bright and colorful outfits, Deepika went for a muted pink lehengas for her Mehendi. Sonam broke the stereotype by opting for a stunning White and Gold Lehenga.

Anushka Sharma

Perfect look for Simpletons, hassle-free, functional as well as bright and cheerful. 7/10

Deepika Padukone

Too much going on with the nude pink outfit, heavy jewelry, red shawl/stole. It’s a great look if you want to sit pretty but not if you want to dance and mingle with your guests. 6/10

Ranveer & Deepika: Celebrity wedding decoded

Sonam Kapoor

Different, Elegant with a touch of chic with the amazing choli back, A great way to rock white at a wedding. Perfect for the Classes Bride. 8/10

Sonam & Anand: Celebrity wedding decoded

Priyanka Chopra

Loved the silhouette of her outfit. Fun, whimsical, great for girls who want to hit the dance floor. 9/10

Priyanka Chopra wedding

Celebrity Wedding Decoded: Wedding Day

All these breathtaking Brides taught us a whole lot when it came to their Bridal look. The common factor among all of them was Sabyasachi. It does tell us that when it comes to Indian Bridal Wear, Sabyasachi is considered the undisputed king. Except for Sonam Kapoor, all others chose Sabya for their wedding day, albeit in completely different styles. 

Anushka Sharma

Anushka was seen in a gorgeous nude pink lehenga in this beautiful English wedding style decor which complimented the entire look completely. She has become somewhat of a trendsetter in Pastel Bridal Lehengas. I do feel that her “No Makeup Makeup” went a little south. This look is perfect for Brides who like pastels and prefer minimalism in makeup. 8/10

Virat & Anushka Wedding

Deepika Padukone

Deepika as expected was seen in full Bridal Glory in a lavish Indian red ensemble. She not only rocked the look but also gave us major Grand Indian wedding goals. What I loved about her was that the outfit wasn’t full of embroidery and the RED of the outfit is making her look ethereal. This look is perfect for Brides who want to go all out and look traditional on the big day. 9/10

Ranveer deepika Wedding

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam, the only one who didn’t go to the Sabyasachi store for her wedding lehenga. Lol! Sonam wore a gorgeous Anuradha Vakil Outfit which complimented her beautifully. The red lotus embroidered lehenga was a show stopper! This loos is perfect for Brides who like to blend traditional and modern together. 9/10

Sonam Kapoor wedding

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka, Honestly I think she looked better in her Christian wedding. She is normally a very fashion-forward personality but somehow her wedding outfit didn’t bring out the best in her. The all-red Sabyasachi lehenga was stunning but probably we expected something more from her. Her style was neither here nor there. 6/10

Nick & Priyanka wedding

Celebrity Wedding Decoded: Reception/ Post Wedding Party

While most of these celebrities had 1 post-wedding function, Deepika and Ranveer had countless.. one for every Indian state probably lol!

Virat & Anushka

Anushka and Virat hosted 2 reception parties. In one of the functions, she chose a traditional red saree and jewelry that looked identical to Sabyasachi’s Instagram posts with nothing different or talk worthy. In the Second Reception, she wore a Grey/beige lehenga (again from Sabyasachi) and looked refreshingly different because of the color choice. 7/10

Virat & Anushka wedding decoded
Anushka & Virat wedding Reception

Ranveer & Deepika

Deepika and Ranveer have many parties post their wedding but the one that stood out for me was the one in which she wore a red evening gown with a long Slit, she later took off her heels and tulle skirt and turned her ultra-glam outfit into a mai dress with white sneakers. That to me was the super collect reception outfit. Her other look: like the Gold Saree with statement jewelry suited her well and she carried the saree with a lot of grace.

Her white Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla reception outfit with never-ending long earrings was a big downer. She looked drab and boring. The Other reception in which she wore ANOTHER Sabyasachi Freda Kahlo Lehenga was extremely surprising to me because that Lehenga has been seen by the world like 3 months back so why would a huge superstar wear something that has been done and dusted in the fashion world? I must applaud Ranveer for the super chic outfit on that reception though. 6/10

Celebrity wedding reception
Deepika Ranveer Reception
Deepika Ranveer's wedding decoded

Anand & Sonam

Sonam chose a subtle and modern Anamika Khanna for her reception look which was in sync with her experimental personality but I feel she could have done better. The outfit was stunning but not at par with her status of India’s only Fashion Icon. 7/10

Anand & Sonam's wedding decoded

Nick & Priyanka

Priyanka wore a stunning white lehenga by Falguni and Shane Peacock for her reception in Delhi and looked every bit as classy as she should. I loved how she paired the Gajra with her outfit and lent it a beautiful Indian look. Totally dug the look! 9/10

Nick & Priyanka wedding decoded

So girls here is a breakdown of ALL the wedding looks that we loved and hated this season. My suggestion would be to chose your look according to your style, personality and comfort level, just like these stunning women did. Take inspiration for sure but do not forget yourself in this process. 
God bless you! Looking forward to creating some more fabulous IStyle Brides this season.

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Product review – Kiehl’s Turmeric & Cranberry seed, Cilantro & Orange extract face masques are totally fabulous for your skin.

The turmeric and cranberry masque is great for normal-oily skin.

kiehls makeup beauty products
kiehls makeup beauty products

It acts as a masque and a scrub and once a week usage is recommended. I felt refreshed after using this. It leaves the skin clean, soft and radiant without making it dry. Not recommended on acne. The cranberry seeds act as a gentle exfoliator and remove the dead skin cells.

Directions– Wash you face and pat dry, apply a generous amount on the face and neck. Let it naturally dry for 10-15 minutes and then take a few drops of water on your fingers and slowly start massaging. Rinse and pat dry.

The cilantro and orange masque works as an overnight pack to give you hydrated and supple skin in the morning.The mild fragrance of the ingredients is actually very pleasant as compared to other masques that are loaded with artificial fragrances.

It can also be applied as a 5 minute quick moisture masque. I simply love the texture of this masque. The skin absorbs all that it needs and feels really soft. I have also noticed that the pack works wonders for oily skin as well because it helps in making the skin supple, which reduces the appearance of open pores.

Tanvi KG has an experience of 15 years as Makeup artist. She has started providing Makeup Classes to share her knowledge and experience with aspiring makeup artists of the city.

Make up is not a tool to make an ugly thing beautiful. It is meant only to magnify the beauty that already exists. Tanvi KG’s makeup Classes provide a lady with the confidence of applying Makeup and feeling confident. The  makeup classes are extremely personalized. Therefore the information given to each student benefits her immensely.

The aim is to first understand her client’s style, her lifestyle, her comfort zone etc. Then provide valuable information to her, keeping in mind all these factors. A generalized makeup class never benefits any woman. Makeup, like clothes, are an extremely individual choice. Therefore the information given by Tanvi KG during the sessions is extremely personalized to suit the need of the client.

The makeup classes usually cover topics like Skin & Hair care, the theory, demonstration of 2 styles of Makeup, a personal shopping consultancy, practice session to enhance the skills acquired. Additionally, sessions on Selfie Makeup, Contouring & Highlighting, Smokey Makeup and other trends are also included on demand. During the classes, students gain valuable insight into what colors suit them, what style suits them. Tanvi KG also gives interesting tips and tricks during the session.

The USP of these makeup classes lies in understanding the comfort zone of the client. After that recommending ONLY what the client needs and would utilize. She also emphasizes greatly on the need for hygiene and technique of applying makeup. Tanvi KG offers the Makeup classes to people of all age group.

Tanvi KG Makeovers is a professional Makeup artist with expertise in Bridal Makeup, Airbrush Bridal Makeup, Editorial Makeup, etc. She has an experience of over 15 years in this field. Tanvi KG shares some important makeup tips for her readers. These makeup tips can be very beneficial for the readers because she is also an expert in skin care. Make sure to follow these Makeup Tips. To learn more about makeup, the readers can contact Tanvi and also join her makeup Classes.

1. DO NOT overdo the Highlighter. Highlighter is supposed to be applied on the area of the face where the light falls naturally, like the center of the forehead, the cupid’s bow, the area under your eyebrow, the top of the nose and the top of the cheekbones.

2. Use a smudge proof kajal/eye pencil – to make your kajal smudge proof, use an eye primer first or use a gel liner that is smudge proof.

3. Eyebrows are important- no matter how sharp your eyebrows are, make sure you apply a thin coat of eyebrow gel or powder to make them sharper. Avoid using traditional eyebrow pencils as the strokes are visible and it looks awkward.

4. Matte Lipsticks are still going strong. apply a lip primer or a lip balm before starting your makeup and apply the lipstick at last. this will make the lips appear supple and hydrated.

5. Keep your body hydrated- dehydration causes acne, dullness, dry patches, itchiness and redness on the skin. Drink 10-12 glasses of water and see the difference in just a week

6. Blush away- a well-blended blusher can add a healthy glow to any face. Dab a touch of blusher on the apples of your cheek and blend away towards the temples.

Thank you for reading

Tanvi KG


High definition makeup came into existence because of the increasing demands of film and television makeup. With increasing clarity of the screens and high resolution cameras it was becoming difficult to make the skin look natural, healthy and youthful. Many professional makeup companies have now come up with products that are suited for such demanding fields. High Definition makeup is essentially the makeup done with the use of High Definition products. However, that is not the only aspect of HD makeup. HD makeup is also a technique of applying makeup. Just my using HD cosmetics one can’t call themselves HD makeup artist. Using the right product in terms of quantity and shade is extremely important because HD cameras are extremely unforgiving.

What differentiates HD makeup products from other non HD makeup products is the use of certain ingredients like Silicon. Silicon is an important ingredient in HD makeup because if has the ability to fill in the lines and pores without making it look very caked. HD makeup products are very colour true and even a little product goes a long way. HD powders are very fine in texture and help in achieving smooth skin and matte effect which is essential for film and TV. The eye shadows and pigments for eye makeup also come in HD or non HD. The HD pigments and shadows are usually very fine as compared to the non HD eye shadows. This makes them great to blend and give artistic effects with. Airbrush is one of the techniques of HD makeup.

HD products have filtered down from Professional film and TV makeup to almost all retail stores. I would recommend HD makeup to people who are familiar with makeup and use it regularly because HD usually tends to set fast on the skin, leaving little scope for blending and correction. Therefore, it is essential to have proper knowledge about each product that one uses.

To sum it up, High definition makeup required both, HD products and the right technique.

Hope my article gave you some useful information. If YES then please share with your friends.


Tanvi KG

In the past few years, I have got many clients who come and tell me “we don’t want heavy party makeup, we just want simple makeup!” Well, let me explain what a party makeup means from a Makeup Artist’s point of view.

Party Makeup In Brief

A party makeup is any amount of makeup done on a client. The client who is going for a celebration of some kind like it could be your friend’s wedding or your child’s birthday party or a bachelor party etc. There is no SIMPLE or HEAVY party makeup. It is just a makeup for an occasion where you are a part of the celebration and not the center of attraction. So, the makeup has to be done according to what occasion it is. What’s your role in it but my job as a Makeup Artist is to make you look attractive and the best version of YOU. Simple or heavy makeup is secondary.

For any makeup, the first concern is to know the personality and comfort level of the client because what may be simple to some, may be heavy for others. Party Makeup is tricky because judging a client’s expectation in such a situation is difficult. There are people who show super glamorous makeup and say “we want this kind of LIGHT makeup”, without realizing that the model’s eyes are pitch dark with a lot of contouring on the face.

Take Care about the Following

When you hire a makeup artist to get dressed for a party, be clear about the following things:

1. What outfit are you going to wear?
2. What kind of gathering is it? A family function, a cocktail party with friends, farewell party etc.
3. Are the reference pictures that you are sharing with the artist relevant to your occasion?
4. To what extent do you want the artist to copy the look from the reference pictures? Is there scope for change?
5. What is your role in this party? Whether you are a casual attendee or one of the hosts?
6. The jewelry that you want to wear.

Discuss all these questions with your makeup artist at length. Try and understand each other’s perspective so that on the D-day your makeup is exactly what you expected and that you are looking just how you wanted to.

Here are a few Party Makeovers which can give you a fair idea of the versatility and creativity that goes into a party makeup.

Hi guys, It has been long since I posted something informative. I have often seen makeup artists and others posting pictures of their makeup and calling the eye makeup ‘Smokey’, without even realizing what Smokey makeup is.

‘Smokey makeup” is when eye makeup is done in such a say that everything from eyeliner to eye shadow is blended in such a way that it looks hazy/foggy, without any sharp definition. Imagine a black smoke (or any color) coming out of a chimney and going straight to your eyes. Would it make defined lines or would it look hazy and soft ? that’s Smokey makeup for you darlings. Smokey eyes can be achieved with any color and the most popular these days is brown or blue. The trend did start with black ruling the market but it has now spread to all colors.

The picture below clearly shows the difference between normal eye  and smokey eye . Left- normal, Right- Smokey.

On the other hand, when you apply eye shadow and a very defined liner, kohl and any other sharp lines, It’s NOT smokey makeup. Just because you have applied dark eye shadow n blended in the crease, it cannot be called SMOKEY makeup. Blending is extremely important in all kinds of makeup but when sharpness is added to enhance the shape of the eyes, it cannot be called Smokey makeup.

Please read and forward to all those beautiful ladies who would like to know about eye makeup.

Thank You

Tanvi KG

Every makeup artist has a makeup philosophy or a makeup style of their own that they develop over time. Some artists like bold makeup while others like to go subtle etc..

Since childhood, I have seen my mother do makeup in the most subtle and natural way while concentrating on “the glow“. So naturally when I followed my passion of dressing people up and learnt professional makeup, despite what my teachers and facilitators did, my personal style started showing in my work.

My Makeup Style

No matter what color I use or what kind of look is expected of me, these were some things I never compromise on:

A. The makeup should suit the Personality.

B. Makeup looks fabulous ONLY when you can SEE the person wearing it and not see a Mask before you see the person.

C. Never try to copy a look just because it looks good on some starlet, but develop your own style.

D. Be open to experiment and move out of your comfort zone. You never know what might look amazing.

E. Makeup does not mean applying layers of products,instead, it means bringing out the girl/lady within and making her look the best she can be.

F. Bridal makeup doesn’t always have to be Golden and Bronze eye shadow with fake Lashes and a bright red lipstick. It can be anything that your bride and you decide would look best on the D-day. Have fun in trying something different.

These days bridal makeup is the easiest thing to do. The hair is tied under a dupatta, half the face is covered in jewelry and most artists offer a standard color palette so the creativity is almost nil. WHERE IS THE FUN, PASSION AND ART IN THAT ?

Bridal makeup then becomes a mundane job like painting a car. You treat the client just like one more face and not THE FACE! Any true “Artist” would agree with me that the ART is lost. The Artist becomes a professional who does something for money and not for Passion!

Thank You

Tanvi KG


A lot of ladies have come up to me with a question that is, what does a primer do and do you Really need it?
Answer: A primer is mainly used to prepare the skin of makeup and to balance it. For instance, if someone has an oily skin then, primer, meant for oily skin would keep the skin surface oil free and refine the pores. A primer meant for dry skin will hydrate the skin and make it appear supple.

Primers have different purposes and one should buy the one that suits one’s needs. Primers for long stay makeup do just that. They make the makeup stay on for longer, for waging skin and give the skin a tightened look etc.

As for the answer to if you REALLY need a primer ? Well, it is completely up to you. Primers help you in balancing the skin type and provide a better surface for the makeup but it is completely upon your choice. It is like a woman asking if they REALLY need a lipstick ? It’s a person choice about how you would like to look.

Does primer make a difference ? YES…to some extent it does!

My advice will be to analyse your skin and see what needs to be corrected and then buy a primer that helps you in mitigating that problem. ALL THE BEST!

Thank You,

Tanvi KG

Hello All, the winter bridal season passed with the blink of an eye. We witness some major changes in Bridal makeup trends.  I was so fortunate to have worked with some lovely brides and their family members this time. The Brides were not only beautiful but also extremely aware of the trends and their personal styles, which was amazing to see.

Winter Bridal makeup is always different from Spring or Summer bridal makeup. During Winters, the skin tends to be drier, which is a blessing for most of the brides as a majority of them have combination or oily skin because of the Indian climate and lifestyle. Summer and Spring, on the other hand, is great for brides that have dry skin as the heat tends to add moisture to their skin.

Besides skin related issues I find that colors that look good in winter weddings are very different from the colors in spring weddings. During winters, one can always go for more bold, matte and deep shades. For summers my personal favorite is bright but feminine pastel and earthy tones.

The Bridal Makeup Trends

The coming spring season will be seeing a different palette for bridal makeup and trends. The focus will be more on matte and earthy tones as compared to neon’s last season. The emphasis will be more on a natural bright skin as compared to adding vibrancy through color. Golds and Pinks will be taking a back seat this time and will give way to earthy tones like beige, brown, olive greens, rust etc. Smokey eyes in natural shades of browns will be popular this season. Glitters are going to take a back seat for some time now and thank the fashion Gods for that!

All in All, it is going to be a lovely season to get married in. Even better for girls who prefer a no makeup look. I would like to remind all the to be brides to take a lot of care of your skin. It can be done by improving on your diet and consuming lot of water. This is said because a no makeup look works wonders only when you have a flawless skin to show off. On a personal note, Ladies please keep the jewelry to a minimum because nothing kills the natural look more than loading yourself up with tons of heavy jewelry.

Thank You

Tanvi KG

Hi Ladies, India’s most celebrated and awaited festival Diwali is just round the corner. The parties have started in full swing and you must be keen on knowing the latest Diwali makeup Trends in 2014. We tend to finalize our wardrobe and accessories but hardly notice the Diwali Makeup Trends and hair. Worry not. I shall help you stay up to date and trendy with your look.

diwali-114vDiwali Makeup Trends

First of, let us discuss the trend in garments and accessories. The good news in this department is that there is something for everyone! While some designers are going gaga over bright colors, others want to keep it subtle and sophisticated. One thing that is common among all of India’s best designers is that the emphasis on the silhouette.(JJ Vallaya creation below)

Keep the lines clean and wear clothes matching your body type. For the tall and slender there are beautiful kitted long kurtis with pallazos and for the petite ladies there is lovely lehengas in different styles. Sarees with velvet pallas are big this season as well (Sabyasachi creation below).

To compliment these lovely outfits one must keep in mind the makeup and hair. The makeup trend for this season is mostly very classic and elegant. Lets see how we can look absolutely gorgeous this season

Diwali Makeup Trends and Tips

Face: a good skin care regime will help you in achieving flawless skin, which never goes out of fashion. Heavy caked up look is an absolute no no. Stick to tinted moisturizers and foundations that give medium to light coverage and focus on a natural look for the face.

Cheeks: a light blush just on the apple of the cheek is sufficient to give you a healthy happy glow. Peach and strawberry pinks are still hot this season.

Eyes: If you are adventurous and like to draw attention then smoky is the way to go. keep in mind that brown smoky is much more popular this season. One can active a smoky look in any color so go ahead and try shades of purple, green or blue to look dazzling. For the sophisticates I suggest a base color or nude eye shadow with little sheen and a clean eye liner. The Mascara needs to be given more attention in this case. False lashes are hugely popular this season and go very well with most eye shapes. Just check the length and width of your eyes vis a vis the lashes before buying them. (model: Pooja, hair and makeup by Tanvi KG @ I.Style Makeovers)

Lips & Hair

Lips: the focus this season is mainly on the lips and the colors that are selling like hot cakes are maroons, reds, plums in matte finish. I’m sorry but the neon shades are passé. apply a lip balm at night to make the lips soft and apply these bold and beautiful shades. (model: Wamiqa Gabbi, hair and makeup by Tanvi KG @ I.Style Makeovers)

Hair: It is all about braids and messy buns this time around. Complicated braids are in demand and look fab on anyone. With minimum effort one can make lovely braids and accessorize with fresh flowers. The hair is mostly tied this season with soft curls around the face. People who like to part their hair from the middle are lucky because this is one trend that has seen a comeback after ages and all celebrities are going for it. Part your hair from the middle and make a neat bun and accessorize with flowers. Metal accessories are again  out of the window.

So i hope you got some helpful information. would love your feedback and other tips if you would like to share on my blog.

Have a safe, prosperous and Happy Diwali!!

much love,

Tanvi KG

Hello All,

As a makeup Artist and trainer, this is one question that i am asked the maximum, “How to choose the right kind of foundation?” Most women I meet during my makeup workshops and other events tell me that “foundation doesn’t suit me” and what I tell them is simple. Foundation is like jeans…there is just ONE perfect fit for every body type and personality, you just have to have the patience to try different ones and find the one that is perfect for you 🙂 Women feel that foundation is like a zodiac sign…there are a few type for billions of people…Well, earlier this was certainly the case but not anymore. So how do you get to choose the right foundation ? Here are a few things to consider.

Matte foundations

Skin Type- Foundations are available in many different formulas. Choose the one that is right for your skin type. The drier the formula the better it is for oily skin and the creamier it is, the better it is for dry skin. A mousse or whipped foundation is best for combination skin.

Coverage- Foundation can provide light, medium or heavy coverage depending on their texture. The lighter or watery it is the lesser the amount of coverage generally. Tinted moisturizers, for example give you light coverage and pan-stick foundation mostly give heavy coverage. Powder foundations or whipped mousse foundations give you medium to heavy coverage.


Age- one should always consider their age when investing in a foundation because if you buy the wrong consistency you tend to look either washed out of too caked up. For girls in their late teens i suggest something that has a light coverage to make them appear natural. For someone in their later 20’s and 30’s i would recommend mousse or any formulation that gives medium converge. This is actually the only age where a heavy coverage foundation can be used. For middle aged or mature women i would recommend foundations that are again light and slightly creamy because your skin tends to get drier as your age and one should use a foundation that increases the moisture level of the skin without giving it a very heavy coverage specially around the eyes.

Profession- if you are in a profession that requires you to look fresh at all times for instance- PR executives, journalists, TV personalities you should buy a medium to heavy coverage, long wear foundation as it will absorb excess oil on the face and make it appear matte and fresh for longer. For someone who needs to appear more natural for example- teachers, trainers, chefs etc one can choose a foundation that is light and gives a natural glow on the face.

these are some of the most important factors one needs to keep in mind when choosing the right foundation. Hope it helps 🙂

have a Fab day ladies!!

Tanvi KG