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I like to keep myself updated with the latest and upcoming trends in Fashion and Beauty. Both these industries are connected and complement each other In many ways. for instance if the colour ‘Red’ is in vogue, it will filter down to even the smallest item in your wardrobe and your makeup drawer without you even realising it !

I’m absolutely thrilled to share with you one of the forthcoming trends in international and Indian beauty & fashion industry. For someone who loves and worships the colour WHITE, I am on cloud 9, because the wedding season is all about White.


White will thankfully not be limited to Christian Weddings now… yayyyy ! we should see a lot of white gowns, Lehangas and Sarees with intricate embroidery. So, what does this mean for the Makeup industry ? Lets get down to it…

  1. Colours that compliment White like Peach, Gold, Emerald, Royal Blue, Rust, Maroon and Magenta will be the most popular in the makeup Aisle. 
  2. Kajal will be back but mostly in Brown or Dark tan. 
  3. Soft Peach Cheeks are here to stay and rightly so ! 
  4. You can never undermine the impact or a bold lip. However, bold lips won’t be limited to matte shades anymore… there will be oodles of Gloss everywhere… so load up on it Ladies. 
  5. Metallics, sequins, crystals  & Glitters will be huge because White has the unique ability to downplay and highlight anything and everything. You just need to know how to balance it. 

So Ladies, Shop sensibly and make sure you include at least one white outfit for your wedding function and buy the right cosmetics along with it.

God bless you. email me at hello@tanvikgmakeup.com or Call me at 9988804567  if you have any queries. 



Hello all,

I’m back with some more useful tips and tricks for nailing the perfect Summer makeup.

During summers our skin tends to get oily, specially around the T zone, which results in breakouts. So ladies make sure you drink tons of H2O to flush those toxins out.

Let us begin…

1. Cleanse and Moisturise your face. YES…Moisturising is essential for your skin, no matter which type. Use an oil free moisturiser or a gel based moisturiser and let your skin soak it all in. My all time favourite moisturiser is the Clnique Moisture surge.

2. Apply a light textured BB cream or a water based light coverage foundation using your fingers. Blend it well. A powder based foundation can work wonders if your skin is oily. my favourite picks are One and Done by Urban Decay, Dior Skin Forever Powder Foundation & Estee Lauder Double wear Light.

3. Powder your T zone with a sheer face compact powder but ONLY the T zone. I use Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush face Powder because it gives an amazing finish.

4. Use a champagne or rose gold colour Eye shadow all over the eyelid and right under the lower lash line to give a fuller look. Follow it up with a dark brown or black Eye pencil and neatly enhance the lash line (top and bottom). make sure that you keep the pencil sharpened to create a thinner line. My favourite summer eye shadows are the Vintage Vamp eye shadow quad from Charlotte Tilbury, The Lake quad in Desert rose and for Simpltons I would highly recommend the long wear eye crayons from Bobbi Brown. For lining the eyes my favourite eye pencil is the black eye pencil from L’Oreal.

5. Add a dash of Mascara to your eyes. Make sure that you hold the brush parallel  to the ground.

6. Lipstick– lipsticks are a very personal choice but for the perfect summer look I would advise going for glossy, semi matte shades in nice pinks, browns. Bright colours like hot pink and coral work fantastic if you are going to mostly say indoors. I totally love Cream in my Coffee shade from MAC and Bond girl from Charlotte Tilbury. Shades from MAC like Mehr, Kinda Sexy, Twig, Velvet Teddy etc are excellent nude shades.

7. take a good look at yourself and use a soft color/shimmer Blusher powder to finish the look. I love using the NARS cheek palette & the Shimmer Bricks from Bobbi Brown are incomparable.

I shall be posting a tutorial on the summer makeup look very soon. Follow my Instagram page @tanvikgmakeup for the update.

Till then..Keep it clean girls !

Hello Ladies,

Sorry for being out of touch lately. Today I want to talk about SUMMER BRIDES and shed some light on the makeup and skin care for summer and autumn brides. In India, the summer season spans from April till September and the To Be Brides should keep the following things in mind.

When it comes to summer brides, the first that comes to my mind is Clean Dewy skin, with softly blushes cheeks, nude shimmery eyeshadow and lots of mascara. Luscious lips in soft colour and a hint of glitter on the eyes. This would be my perfect SUMMER BRIDE.

Indian Bridal Makeup Skin Care Tips in Summer
The Bridal makeup look that I love giving to all the girls usually involves a lot or all of these points and the most important point out of all these would be FRESH DEWY SKIN. This is a mantra that I don’t ever compromise on. Here are a few pointers for everyone who would like to achieve this look.


1. Hydrate your body with water and water rich foods like watermelon, cucumber, melon, mushrooms etc.
2. Follow a daily skin care routine of Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturising.
3. Wear a sunscreen without fail. SPF 50 should be appropriate for Indian weather.
4. Wear light coverage foundation unless you have slightly problematic skin issues like pigmentation, acne etc.

Bridal Makeup during Indian Summer and Autumn5. Matte lipsticks look amazing but only on soft, supple lips. Use a baby toothbrush and scrub over the lips once a fortnight.


1. Use long stay cosmetics in extreme sunlight. They tend to look patchy.
2. Over scrub your skin as it tends to become red and flaky.
3. Consume more than 1 cup of coffee per day.
4. Use very bright eye shadows during the daytime.
5. Use glitter without a fixing medium as glitter tends to fall over the cheeks.
For Bridal Bookings, Kindly take an appointment at 9988804567 or email at istylemakeovers@gmail.com

Have a good day 🙂

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