Girls just wanna have color WINE

January 17, 2018 admin
Hi gals, a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you!
This season has seen wayyyyy too much Wining lol. By that I mean the color Wine is visible everywhere from clothes, makeup to accessories, home furnishings and ev
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Skin Tint by Just Herbs

June 26, 2017 admin
Hello all, Skin Tint by Just Herbs is an amazing product and highly recommended by me. It is one of the best Skin Care product, especially for the Indian skin. It’s been while since I posted a product review and the reason is that
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Skin Care Tips for Bridal Makeup in Indian Summer and Autumn

June 7, 2017 admin
Hello Ladies, here are some skin care tips for bridal makeup in Indian Summer and Autumn season. Sorry for being out of touch lately. Today I want to talk about SUMMER BRIDES and shed some light on the makeup and skin care for summ
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Beauty Tips on how to get glowing skin before the wedding 

March 9, 2017 admin
Attaining good skin before the wedding is every Bride’s dream. Here are some beauty tips on how to get glowing skin before the wedding. Avoid Over Cleansing your face- We all want to look flawless and to do so we sometimes tend to
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KIEHL’S smoothing oil-infused leave-in concentrate

February 23, 2017 admin
KIEHL's  Smoothing Oil - infused leave - in concentrate is a fine product for the hair and is highly recommended. Must say- it was LOVE at first use. I like using Leave-in conditioners. I have frizzy hair and they defy gravity for
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Makeup Classes by Tanvi KG, IStyle Makeovers Chandigarh

February 2, 2017 admin
Tanvi KG has an experience of 15 years as Makeup artist. She has started providing Makeup Classes to share her knowledge and experience with aspiring makeup artists of the city. Make up is not a tool to make an ugly thing beautiful.
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TANVI’s Tips for Makeup This Festive Season 2016

October 21, 2016 admin
Tanvi KG Makeovers is a professional Makeup artist with expertise in Bridal Makeup, Airbrush Bridal Makeup, Editorial Makeup, etc. She has an experience of over 15 years in this field. Tanvi KG shares some important makeup tips for h
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What is HD​ MAKEUP​ or High Definition Makeup?

September 29, 2016 admin
High definition makeup came into existence because of the increasing demands of film and television makeup. With increasing clarity of the screens and high resolution cameras it was becoming difficult to make the skin look natural, h
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