A word on PRIMERS

A lot of ladies have come up to me with a question…What does a primer do and do you Really need it?
Answer: A primer is mainly used to prep the skin of makeup and to balance it, For instance, if someone has an oily skin, a primer meant for oily skin would keep the skin surface oil free and refine the pores, a primer meant for dry skin will hydrate the skin and make it appear supple.

Primers have different purposes and one should buy the one that suits one’s needs. Primers for long stay makeup do just that..they make the makeup stay on for longer and primers for waging skin give the skin a tightened look etc etc…

As for the answer to do u REALLY need a primer ? Well… it is completely up to you…primers help you in balancing the skin type and provide a better surface for the makeup but it is completely your choice….It is like a woman asking…Do u REALLY need a lipstick ? it’s a person choice about how you would like to look.

Does primer make a difference ? YES…to some extent it does!

my advice will be to analyse your skin and see what needs to be corrected and then buy a primer that helps you in mitigating that problem. ALL THE BEST!

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